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Wandering thought why people change like season!

I  wonder how things change.

How people change..

Once who were close to you..

Today deny to know you..

What bothers the most is the behaviour as if ur stranger with whom you have spent countless days and nights..

The irony is deep frndship travelled more and dived more deep..but now can not come on the shore to be as before .

Hats off to such diplomatic and pretentive people but the point is whom are they fooling?? To the world or to thier ownselves.??

But such people often forget that the immense harm it does not just to the other persons emmotions..but also to the body,to the brain and to their souls..

The harm which is irreversible.


The point here is not whose right or whose wrong but they are apart ..not together by each others side!!










Touch the soul

Hold me Tight

Kiss me Hard

Pull me Closer

                   Look in to my eyes,

                    Touch my soul,

                    Sing a song,

                   Calm my heart,

                   Feel the breath,

                   Rhythm of my heartbeats,

Sweats on my palm,

Pearl in my eyes,

Smile on my lips,

Apple on my cheeks,

Warmth in my breath,

                       All for you,

                       Will Pour on you!!

                                                -Rachita @blissinmeadows

Only for You!!